Maine Assistance and COVID-19 Stimulus Info

posted Mar 30, 2020, 1:57 PM by Somerville Clerk   [ updated Mar 30, 2020, 1:57 PM ]
Just wanting to make sure that folks are aware of the assistance that is becoming available as this pandemic develops. 

The Department of Health and Human Services has changed it requirements on many of their services, making it easier for folks. If you may have not been eligible for SNAP, TANF, or a few other services, DHHS is encouraging folks to apply, either by phone or online, again as they have lifted many requirements and just want people to get the aid they need. 
Rockland Office Information: Tel: (207) 596-4200 Tel: (800) 432-7802 

Mainecare will not be closed on anyone, along with the premiums being waived. (Can be reached to enroll or for questions at information above under DHHS section)

Unemployment has also changed its requirements so that people are getting service sooner and for more. 
Department of Labor Phone Number: (207) 623-7900

COVID-19 stimulus check, this has been passed and will be processed, not sure when just yet, via the same way your taxes have been processed. What the means is it will follow your 2019 (if you have filed them already) taxes delivery, ie direct deposit or mailed check. If you have not filed this year, it will follow 2018 taxes. If you did not file 2018 it will follow 2017 or 2016 taxes. If you have not filed taxes in more than 3 years, you will want to do so as it is very unclear how you can get your stimulus check. 

As always, any information will be updated as we get it. Stay Safe Everyone!!