Office Closure & Our Community

posted Apr 27, 2020, 6:18 PM by Somerville Clerk   [ updated Apr 27, 2020, 6:18 PM ]
Hi Folks,

The Town Office is still closed and we are trying our best to keep things running from our homes. We are still checking voicemails and emails remotely but can also get into the office at times to make sure everyone can get their needs met. Registrations online are a work in progress and should be ready soon, that will be for re-reg only but it will be there. We are still processing any payments and such sent to the office via snail mail or dropped in our one way mailbox. 

We will keep everyone posted as to our opening as soon as we know anything. 

On another note, we know these are trying times and we are working on a resource committee and compiling our local resources so that we can help each other. If you are or know of anyone in need for anything please call or email us 207-549-3828 or we will get back to you. Please keep an eye out for new posts and emails for resources and or services as we get them. 

This is our time to unite and lend a hand to each other, it may be hard but we're Mainah's...If we can handle Mother Natures crazy antics together, we can handle anything together!  We Got This!!