posted Nov 8, 2019, 9:43 AM by Town Clerk


Position Description

Nature of work:
The Sexton is a part-time position, appointed by the Board of Selectmen, for a renewable three-year term. The Sexton manages burials and interprets lot boundaries for current and prospective lot owners.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
The Sexton will administer the Town of Somerville Cemetery Ordinance, ensuring compliance with the ordinance as well as Federal and State statutes. He/She will make recommendations for revisions to the Ordinance as needed to comply with changes in Federal or State statutes.
The Sexton will instruct all grave diggers, both professional and authorized lay persons of the deceased, on access routes, location, and standards for digging and repairing grave sites.
The Sexton will be the official with whom funeral parlors, vault companies, and authorized persons of the deceased make all burial arrangements.
The Sexton will also be familiar with Federal and State rules related to private burial grounds and advise townspeople upon request of their options and the procedures involved.
The Sexton shall keep a record of all lots selected and assigned and all transfer of lots in all town-owned cemeteries. The Sexton will make every effort to maintain current contact information for the owners of cemetery lots, requesting updated information at any time a burial or other activity is conducted.
The Sexton will receive payment for lot sales in accordance with the fee schedule. All amounts received will be turned in to the Town Treasurer for deposit to the reserve account for Sand Hill Cemetery. The Sexton will make suggestions to the Board of Selectmen for the amounts charged for cemetery plots and services.
The Sexton will maintain and update maps as needed.
The Sexton will ensure proper maintenance of the cemetery, including making arrangements for mowing, weeding, cleaning, veterans’ flags placement and removal