Somerville's Response to COVID-19

Our goal in Somerville is to do our very best to support and keep everyone safe during this COVID-19 pandemic. We want you to have all the information you need because by understanding what COVID-19 is, how it is spread, and what you can can do to prevent it from spreading, we can each do our part to keep our family, friends, and neighbors safe.

Some of the steps already taken toward keeping COVID-19 away from our community include changes made to the way we conduct business at our Town Office. These changes incorporate CDC recommended COVID-19 prevention measures including keeping appropriate distance between staff and those conducting business, wearing and requiring masks, frequent sanitizing of surfaces and tools. Changes have also been made toward utilizing COVID-19 prevention measures during Town Meetings and during election activities.

We made and distributed informational brochures to Somerville businesses (there are more than you think!) These brochures provide guidance for understanding requirements of the State of Maine guidelines on how to operate while keeping Maine residents and visitors as safe as possible from COVID-19.

We have provided updates to residents and COVID-19 information via USPS mailings. Also, your Local Health Officer is always available to answer question or address concerns that you may have.

We are providing information we hope you can use via links on this newly re-designed website. And if you have suggestions to make it better - please contact our Town Clerk.

Somerville was awarded financial assistance in this endeavor through a grant from the State of Maine’s Keep Maine Healthy 2020 Municipal COVID-19 Awareness Campaign. That funding has covered most of the cost of the steps we’ve taken to protect townspeople and arm businesses with information to comply with State guidelines.

UPDATE: The Maine Keep ME Healthy program was extended to December 11th, but with no further funding. We filed a revised budget to realign how we can spend the balance. That includes 2 more informational mailings, protective equipment/supplies, including supplies to create 240 PPE kits for townspeople plus more masks and hand sanitizer for refills. Contact our LHO or stop by during office hours to get your masks and hand sanitizer!

WHERE TO GET VACCINATED: If you are within the current age group or population segment to get vaccinated here is where you can find a location and make an appointment.

Funding Provided by the State of Maine’s Keep ME Healthy Program
COVID-19 Numbers for Maine