COVID-19 Business Resources

Guidance for Somerville Businesses During COVID-19

On this page are:

  • Links to online guidelines for businesses

  • How to qualify for a COVID 19 Prevention Door Sign to let customers know you are taking their health seriously

  • Samples of posters and notices you may need that we can print and laminate for you in up to 11” x 17” size

  • Contact information for answers to your questions from the Maine Department of Economic & Community Development (DECD)


The Town of Somerville is providing information for businesses to navigate the requirements of the State of Maine guidelines on how to operate while keeping Maine residents and visitors as safe as possible from COVID-19 infection. We are happy to provide assistance with information, printed posters or notices, or contact information as part of the Keep Maine Healthy initiative.

We made and distributed informational brochures to Somerville businesses. These brochures provide guidance for understanding requirements of the State of Maine guidelines on how to operate while keeping Maine residents and visitors as safe as possible from COVID-19. That information is also available on or through the links found on this page.

As part of this program your Local Health Officer would like to assist you to help keep our community and your customers safe from exposure to COVID-19.

DECD Guidelines (Checklists)

Checklists are available at the Maine Department Of Economic & Community Development (DECD).

The site has a general checklist (for all industries), and business specific checklists, to identify best practices for safely operating your business during COVID-19. These checklists are updated as new information about COVID-19 or safe business practices emerge.

Your local health officer would be happy to deliver a printed copy of the relevant checklists if you are unable to access the website.

Business Badge for COVID-19

In order to open, businesses must commit to complying with requirements of these checklists by filling out a short online form. DECD has created badges — for businesses that have used the checklist and filled out the compliance form — to voluntarily post on their doors, website or social media channels to help instill consumer confidence in their operations.

DECD Answers

Answers to your questions for Maine DECD can be obtained via email to or by calling 1-800-872-3838.

Other Resources

The Maine CDC website is also a good source of information, including links to business specific guidance:

If you would like some CDC COVID-19 safe signage to inform visitors to your business please let your LHO know. We have received positive feedback and thank yous from townspeople for the information the Town has provided about staying safe, and we are sure that letting customers know you are looking out for their health, will be appreciated by many customers as well. Signs may be required by the checklists for some businesses.

Below are examples of the kinds of signs we can print and laminate for your business, in up to 11” x 17” size.

CDC signage is available here:

Please feel free to contact your Local Health Officer if there are questions or concerns on anything related to safely conducting business and reducing risk of COVID-19 for your customers and our community.

Thank you for your assistance and vigilance in keeping people safe here in Somerville.

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