Welcome to Somerville Maine


Somerville Tax Acquired Properties out to bid:

Map/Lot 009-002 668 Rockland Rd 12.86 acres Min. Bid $40,000

Map/Lot 011-023 Frye Rd 0.63 acres OPEN BID

If you are interested in submitting a bid please click HERE to download the bid sheet. Forms can also be picked up in the office. Bids must be sealed, labeled attention Select Board (TA property bids) and returned to the town office NO LATER then 5:30 PM December 7th. Bids will be opened at the Select Board meeting on December 7th.

Who We Are

We are a quiet rural town with a tradition of community. Many of us are from families who settled here in the 1800s; the rest of us moved here because we value the peace and privacy of small town life. We are located about half an hour inland from the mid-coast, close enough to access its many diversions, but far enough to escape the bustle.

We wouldn't have it any other way!

Although we don't have the dramatic scenery of the coast or the mountains, we enjoy the more personal beauty of our backyards. We have a few ponds, a few hills, lots of forest, and miles of dirt roads -which keeps us from going too fast and missing the beauty around us! Most of us like it this way (it sure keeps life interesting in mud season!) Going forward, we are working on rebuilding our dirt roads and updating our comprehensive plan, so we can keep it this way for generations to come.

We may not have a general store or a post office, but we do have a friendly town office. Stop in and visit!