How can I get Somerville Broadband?

Deposits for Installation

(only required once the construction timeline is set later this year)

Leading up to the network buildout there will be zero-cost installations available during the network construction period. A reservation deposit will be required to secure your installation and is the same amount as one month of the subscription package price you choose. If a customer chooses the 100/100 Mbps speed, a deposit of $59.99 will be collected and credited to your account to be applied against your monthly service charges once installation is complete and regular billing commences.

Important homeowner details

Those who do not secure their no-cost installation by placing a deposit during the construction phase will be subject to a significant installation fee should they desire service in the future. Fully paid installations will require a visit from Axiom to run fiber to the home and splice into the network, as well as purchase of the electronics hardware associated with the installation.

Although the fees for one-off installations after the network is deployed have not yet been determined, they will likely be several hundreds of dollars per premise or more. Axiom strongly recommends people take service during the initial construction period to ensure connectivity at your location and to avoid future high installation costs.

While your deposit guarantees you a no-charge installation, it does not secure a particular date or sequence for your installation. Installations will occur in the order dictated by the logistics of the fiber buildout process, once funding is approved and the construction phase commences.

NOTE: Signup for service will be available once the utilities begin pole make ready. We'll let you know!!

When we do, you will be able to secure your service and free service installation by calling Axiom between then and project completion. Here is what you will need for that call:

How does fiber get to my home?

Most Common

The fiber will be hung throughout the town on existing utility poles. For installation to your home, we will follow the existing aerial telephone service lines that come from the road to your house, where a couple of small boxes will be installed on the side of the home to provide fiber connectivity.

Special circumstances

For some homes that do not have adjacent utility poles, or are down long private roads, we would investigate bringing fiber on top of the ground to the home. If you think this applies to you, please inform Axiom during the installation phase to discuss your particular circumstance.

Is underground installation an option?

Underground fiber service is an option at the expense of the homeowner. With some limitations, Axiom will run fiber through a properly installed conduit that is emplaced by the homeowner. Axiom recommends working with a local contractor to install and prepare the conduit to accept service and will provide specifications to the homeowner for this type of installation upon request.

Axiom will work with individual homeowners to address reasonable concerns about cable routing and other issues while running the fiber, however additional costs may be incurred if homeowner requests are determined to require significant additional staff time for installation. Axiom will not be responsible for landscape restoration, replanting, repairing turf damage, or other remediation required as a result of any additional work completed at the request of the homeowner.

Can my installation serve additional dwellings/family compounds?

No-cost installations to as many buildings as are desired may be ordered as described above, by paying a deposit for service at each building. Alternatively, property owners are allowed to share a connection between buildings on their property (garage, guest house, etc., provided they are all on the same tax map lot), however wiring connections between the buildings is the homeowner’s sole responsibility.

Sharing service between multiple properties (different tax map lots) is not permitted as costs for the town increase substantially if projected subscriber counts are not achieved. Should you so desire, Axiom will be available, at their customary rates, to consult on and construct customized solutions to integrate additional buildings on your property into a wired or wireless network, connecting back to your fiber connection.