The Somerville Volunteer Fire Department

Looking back

Mike Dostie (now Fire Chief) trying to start the truck back in the day.

Volunteer Firefighter, Gordon Thebeau, with one of our more modern trucks.

Dodge Road Rescue

Fire Prevention Week, Somerville School

Annual Cold Water Rescue Training, Mutual Aid Training with the Washington Fire Station

The S.V.F.D South Station

Mike Dostie 

Who is the Somerville Volunteer Fire Department?

The Somerville Volunteer Fire Department is located at 941 Rockland Rd in Somerville. 

The original VFD was formed in 1965 by Orrin Crummett and Donald Hewett. 

2020 marks its 55th anniversary of serving Somerville and neighboring towns. 

Meetings are held on the first Monday of every month at the South Station for business. The second Mondays of the month are for truck checks at both stations, and the third & fourth Mondays are for training's. Anyone is welcome to join. 

We are always looking for new members, reach out to our Chief Mike Dostie or show up at any of the Monday meetings.  

Ladies Auxiliary Committee

Formed in 1969, to support the newly formed Somerville Volunteer Fire Department, the Ladies Auxiliary has the following mission: 

We work on several fundraisers each year, which involve food sales, raffles, and sales of commercial items. Currently we have the Thanksgiving pie sales, July 4th basket raffle, and a Thanksgiving basket raffle. 

The funds are used to purchase various pieces of equipment and to support operating costs of the Fire Department. When we call you to ask for donations of foods or funds, you are directly helping your Fire Department improve its services! 

Every year in August the Auxiliary shows their appreciation to the firefighters and their families by having a cookout for them. 

The Ladies' Auxiliary meets on a monthly basis. Annual dues are $5.  We are always looking for new members, so give us a call if you'd like to help the Auxiliary out!

Current members: 

Jenn Sevigny, President

Martha Staples, Vice President 

Peggy Dostie, Treasurer 

Lisa Miller, Secretary

Original members identified in the photo from the mid 1970s, on the town's Forest Fire truck, which remains in service today. Top Row, L to R: Gerry Peaslee, Mary French, Christine York, Mary Swift, Mary Murphy, Ernestine Peaslee, Shirley Hewett. Bottom Row: Marcy Walton, Marguerite Hisler, Dorothy Armstrong, Isabella Peaslee, Barbara Crummett, Irene Crummett.(Darlene Crummett not pictured) 

Burn Permits

Before you burn it, get a permit!

All outdoor fires regardless of size require a written burning permit, to be carried on the attending person. Fires for fire pits, cooking,  warming, burning brush, grass, or debris fall into this category. Don't forget, you need a permit for fireworks as well! Permits are issued free of charge by the Town Fire Warden or Deputy Warden. 

Fire Pits can get a yearly fire permit, upon inspection from the Warden.

For information on burning or to obtain a burning permit, call the following people:

Mike Dostie, Town Fire Warden and Fire Chief,  207-242- 3354

Martha Staples,   207-549-5091

Burning is permitted at the following times with a written permit (dependent on wind conditions):

After 5:00 p.m. unless it is raining or there is snow covered ground. 

All burning permits are issued the day of the burn and are dependent upon the wind and weather conditions, time of day, length of burn, materials being burned, the number of fire permits issued for that day, and the number of personnel available in town. 

You may also apply for a burn permit online for $7.00 by clicking here. Notice: Online burn permits are only valid on Class 1 or Class 2 days. The person requesting the permit must verify the Class day by selecting the "Forest Fire Danger Report" link after  9. a.m. on the day they desire to burn. 

The S.V.F.D North Station