Protocols for services at the Town Office under COVID-19 and CDC guidelines

The Town Office is open to in-office service limited to one visitor at a time. Please call to make an appointment if possible. People with appointments will be served first, and walk-ups only when there are openings. Please check the window for our sign to see if we have someone in the office prior to entering.

Masks must be worn properly - covering the nose - and people keep 6 feet apart as much as possible. Visitors should use the no-touch alcohol-based spray hand sanitizer outside the door, and the one at the service desk to protect themselves and others. Clipboards,and pens are sanitized by office staff between uses, and surfaces regularly sanitized. Staff wear gloves when providing service.

Anyone not willing to comply with these requirements is not allowed in the office, but may receive curbside service.

Revised 11-4-2020