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Town-owned broadband network is on its way

June 2022

Through the efforts of the Selectmen, broadband advisory committee members, and many town volunteers, Somerville won a combined federal/state grant in 2022 to fully fund the construction of a fiber-to-the-home broadband network that is capable of providing the entire town with fast internet.

Once the regulatory process is complete, if everything stays on schedule, the network will be constructed and put into service by the summer of 2023. The town’s internet service provider, Axiom Technologies (a Maine-based company), will construct and operate the network under contract with the town.

Many of your questions may be answered by the Broadband FAQs

Once construction is complete, Somerville residents will be able to choose from the following available service speeds in the first year:

$49.99/month for download/upload speeds of 50/50 Mbps

$64.99/month for 100/100 Mbps

$109.99/month for 250/250 Mbps

$129.99/month for 500/500 Mbps

$169.99/month for 1Gbps/1Gbps

Residents whose household income is less than 200% of the federal poverty line can apply through Axiom for a federal monthly subsidy of $30/month to help offset the cost of broadband internet. Seasonal rates with a pro-rata flat annual fee will be offered to owners of seasonal homes.

Axiom will begin taking pre-orders for home installation in the fall of 2022. This web page will be updated with specific contact information to sign up with Axiom once it is ready to begin taking customer information from Somerville residents and businesses who wish to sign up for service in advance.

If customers in Somerville sign up any time before the construction period is completed in 2023, Axiom will install fiber through an existing exterior wall conduit for free. A small deposit will be requested at the time of sign-up, but that deposit will be returned to the customer as a bill credit once service begins. If customers sign up after the town’s broadband construction project is complete, Axiom will charge a several hundred-dollar fee to run a service drop to the home.