Broadband / Internet

January 2024 update from the Somerville Municipal Broadband Board (SMBB)

The town’s high speed internet project continues to move forward, and if it remains on schedule, we expect that the town’s municipal broadband network will be built and operating by this summer. Thank you to everyone for your patience! 

We will not have a definitive start date for our network’s construction until the utilities (CMP and CCI) finish making the utility poles in town ready for the installation of our fiber network. But they have started their required work, and the town’s fiber materials have arrived, so there is tangible progress.

Axiom, a Machias-based company, is our internet service provider, and their contractor Hawkeye will be building the network. As a reminder, under the terms of the federal grant that Somerville and the state won to construct the town’s broadband network, the cost of a standard home installation (i.e., the part of the fiber system that runs from the road into your house, which can easily cost $600) is free to you if you sign up by the time construction begins! 

To set up your internet account now with Axiom, please call them at (207) 271-2801 or go to the website to start the process. As a small company, it may take them a few days to respond. If you do not hear back from them within a week, however, please email us at or leave a note at the town office with your contact info. We will follow up directly with Axiom to be sure it successfully completes your account setup.

Once you’re signed up, Axiom will send you a bill asking for a deposit, which you will get back as a credit on your first month’s service, or you can get a full refund if you change your mind, if you cancel your internet account before operations begin.  

Internet cost and speeds for when service starts in 2024:

We will update the town with a better schedule and other details as we get closer to the start of construction, but do sign up now, so that you don’t risk losing out on the free installation. Please reach out to the SMBB if you have questions or concerns.