Town Government

Budget Committee

Current Members for FY21:

Roberta Creamer (Chair) (2023)

Russell Gates (Secretary) (2023)

James R Grenier (2023)

John Bergen (2023)

Jon Amirault (2023)

Claudia Fujinaga (2023)

Cannabis Committee

Douglas Shartzer- (2025)

Russell Gates- (2025)

Heidi Bray- (2025)

Nicholas Pellerin- (2025)

Jackson McLeod- (2025)

Planning Board

Vacant- term expires December 15, 2024

Harry (Buster) Percival III, Vice-Chair - term expires June 30, 2023

Elaine Porter, Secretary - term expires May 19, 2024

Gordon Thebeau, Alternate - term expires November 2, 2022

Jackson McLeod - term expires June 15, 2025

James R Grenier- term expires May 19, 2024

John Bergen, Alternate - term expires August 31, 2025

Past Minutes:

August 19, 2022

May 26, 2022

May 12, 2022

April 28, 2022

April 14, 2022

March 24, 2022

February 24, 2022

February 10, 2022

January 21, 2022

Somerville Municipal Broadband Board

Sharon Reishus (Chair)- (2027)


Jim R Grenier- (2026)


James Scheid- (2025)


Roberta Creamer- (2024)


Douglas Shartzer-(2023)


Comprehensive Plan (Committee Disbanded)

The Comprehensive Plan is a road map that guides the town's decisions related to its future growth and development. It includes a review of the town's physical, economic, and human resources and sets forth long-term goals, in an attempt to balance concern for the environment with concern for the community's economic and cultural well-being.

The Comprehensive Plan Committee is currently in the process of developing a Comprehensive Plan for Somerville. Meetings are held monthly at the Somerville Town Office. The public is encouraged to participate in these discussions. Meeting minutes are posted below.

The Comprehensive Plan Committee Members are:

Roy Miller, Chair

Peggy Dostie, Secretary

Kelly Payson-Roopchand

Kathryn Jennings

Peter Wilde

Mary Throckmorton

Willard Pierpont

Christopher Johnson

Committee members are appointed by the Select Board.

The final Comprehensive Plan DRAFT is available by clicking here.

You can also receive a copy from the Town Office by calling 549-3828.

Past Minutes are available by clicking on the link below:

January 2017 Minutes

June 2016 Minutes

May 2016 Minutes

April 2016 Minutes

March 2016 Minutes

Feb 2016 Minutes

Jan 2016 Minutes

Broadband Committee

(Disbanded Committee)

Current Members:

James R Grenier (Chair) (2024)

Sharon Reishus (2023)

Bobbie Creamer (2024)

Doug Shartzer (Secretary) (202

Russell Gates (2024)

If you want to know more, visit our Broadband page for information, and a link to conduct a speed test.

Meeting Minutes

Cannabis AD Hoc Committee

(Committee Disbanded)

The Somerville Cannabis Ad Hoc Committee was formed under the direction of the Town's Select Board. As the state moves forward with implementation of Adult Use Marijuana municipalities are empowered to enact local regulation opting in or out of the various licensing classes issued by the state. The Somerville Cannabis Committee has been tasked with researching the laws, gathering feedback from the town's constituency and developing a representative ordinance for presentation to the town.

Survey Questions and Results are below. Please also see the Planning Board Hearing Post for the Proposed Ordinance.

2019 Meeting Minutes

Cannabis Committee (3 year term)

Heidi Bray (2021)

Claudia Fujinaga (2021)

Russ Gates (Secretary) (2021)

Michelle Hank (2021)

Jackson McLeod (Chair) (2021)

Evan Morrison (2021)

Larry Peaslee (2021)

Nicholas Pellerin (2021)

Doug Shartzer (Vice Chair) (2021)

Frank Terhaar (2021)


Survey questions.pdf