Vital Records

How to get a Marriage License

Maine Residents: at least one party must be a Somerville resident.

Out-of-State Couples: can file their intentions in any municipal office.

1) Both parties need to appear at the Town Office with photo ID and file Intentions of Marriage and a Record of Social Security Numbers. The cost of filing is $40 ($20 each).

2) Previous Marriages: If either party has been previously married, a certified copy of the death record or divorce decree with a raised seal, whichever ended the previous marriage, must be presented to the clerk prior to the processing of the marriage license. The marriage license will not be issued without the proper record/decree.

A certified copy of a divorce decree may be obtained from the clerk of courts in the county where the divorce was filed. The clerk of courts will certify the document using an embossed seal. Photocopies are not accepted.

A certified copy of a death certificate may be obtained from the clerk in the town/city of the place of death. Photocopies are not accepted.

3) Once the Intentions are filed, the Clerk will issue a Marriage License which will need to be signed, in person, by both parties. The parties are free to marry anywhere in the State of Maine. The license is valid for 90 days from the date the intentions are filed.

The marriage license will be completed by the official legally qualified to perform a marriage in Maine and signed by two witnesses. They may give you a photocopy of the document but please note, it is not a legal copy. See below for legal copy information. The official is required to file the license within 7 working days of the ceremony, with the clerk where the license was issued.

After the marriage license is filed with the Town Clerk, certified (legal) copies of your marriage license may be obtained at the Town Office during normal business hours for a fee of $15.00 for the first copy and $6.00 for any additional copies done at the same time.

Birth, Death & Marriage Records in the Town of Somerville

The Town Clerk is responsible for the permanent storage of all vital records (i.e. birth, marriage and death records).

Certified copies of Birth, Death, and Marriage records can be obtained at the Somerville town office during normal office hours, or at the Maine CDC Vital Records Office at 220 Capital Street in Augusta.

Because certified copies take a while to process, please allow at least half an hour for these requests.

To obtain a copy of a vital record, you will need to provide proof of identity and fill out an application indicating your relationship to the person on record, proving "direct and legitimate interest."

Certified copies cost $15.00 for the first copy, and $6.00 for each additional copy of the same record purchased at the same time.

New Vital Records Law Goes Into Effect

Vital records include birth certificates, fetal death and death certificates, marriage certificates, and domestic partner registrations. Maine’s new law will require a person requesting a copy of records less than 100 years old to provide documentation establishing their direct and legitimate interest in the records.

Until now, Maine has been one of just a handful of states that have allowed anyone, including individuals with bad intentions and for profit entities, access to these records. Information from vital records will become completely open to the public 100 years from the date of the event.

  • Individuals who may access vital records less than 100 years old include:

  • The person named on the record;

  • The person’s spouse or registered domestic partner;

  • The parent(s) named on the record;

  • Descendants of the person named on the record;

  • Registrant’s legal custodian, guardian, or conservator or respective authorized representative (includes attorney, physician, or funeral director); and

  • Genealogists who have a Maine CDC issued researcher identification card.

Proof of identity must also be presented to the municipal and city clerks or state Vital Records Office staff. A brief application for securing a copy of the vital record must be filled out and presented, along with positive identification such as a driver’s license, passport, or other government issued picture identification that clearly shows that the person requesting the record is who they say they are. Identification requirements apply whether the records are requested in person or by mail.

More information on this issue may be found at

Birth Certificates are filed with:

  • The City or Town in which the child was born;

  • The City or Town in which the mother was living at the time of the birth; and

  • The State Office of Vital Records

Marriage Certificates are filed with:

  • The City or Town in which intentions were filed and the license was issued; and

  • The State Office of Vital Records

Death Certificates are filed with:

  • The City or Town of residence at the time of death;

  • The City or Town where the death occurred; and

  • The State Office of Vital Records

Requests for certified copies should be made in writing, we have a standard form for your convenience.