Town Officials

Elected Officials

Select Board Members (3 year terms)  

General Email (goes to all three) 

RSU 12 School Board Directors (3 year terms)

Road Commissioner (1 year term

Appointed Officials Committees & Boards

(Please contact the clerk if you need to reach a board member)

Appeals Board (3 year terms)

Budget Committee (1 year term)   

Somerville Municipal Broadband Board

Planning Board (3 year terms)

Lincoln County Regional Planning Commission (3 year term)

Tri-County Waste Management Board (1 year term)

Appointed Officials

Addressing Officer & Assessor's Agent 

Animal Control 

Code Enforcement Officer/Plumbing Inspector (1 year term)                   


Emergency Management Director (1 year term)                                

Fire Chief

Fire Warden

General Assistance Officer (1 year term)                                 

Grants/Projects Officer (1 year term)

Health Officer (3 year term)

Sexton (3 year term) 

Tax Collector 


Town Clerk/Registrar of Voters