News & Announcements

Monday June 6, 2022

Good afternoon residents,

The SVFD is hosting a public supper on 06/25/2022 at 6:30 PM at the SVFD station on Route 17. If anyone would like more information you are more then welcome to contact Peggy Dostie at 207-458-7596.

Monday May 23, 2022

Good afternoon Town Residents,

The 2022-2023 Winter Sand Bid is now open. I have attached the link here, if you are interested or know of anyone that maybe interesting please click on the link and submit the form by August 17 at 6:00 PM.

Kind regards,

Samantha-Town Clerk

Wednesday April 20, 2022

Good afternoon Town Residents,

On Thursday April 28th the Planning Board will be holding a Public Hearing at Somerville School to amend the route 17 Development District that will redefine Article III, Establishment of Districts, A (3) to read "All land within 400 feet Northerly and Southerly of Route 17 extending from the Washington Town line Westerly 2.42 miles to the Jefferson Town line, measured along the centerline of the highway, excepting that area of Hewett Brook and West Branch Davis stream as defined by Somerville Shoreland Zoning Ordinance November 9, 2012"

Monday News 3/14/2022

Good afternoon Town Residents,

Wednesday March 16 at 6:00 PM the Select Board will be meeting in person at the Somerville School gymnasium. Mask are required as well as social distancing.

The Somerville Broadband Committee (SBBC) will be holding a meeting via Zoom on Friday, March 18, at 6:00 PM. Somerville residents who wish to attend can use Meeting ID: 861 1118 2363 and be sure to specify your name on Zoom so the host will know who you are. A waiting room will be in use.

Monday News 2/28/2021

Good afternoon Town Residents,

The Somerville Broadband Committee (SBBC) will be holding a meeting via Zoom on Friday, March 4, from 5-7 PM. Somerville residents who wish to attend can use Meeting ID: 861 1118 2363 and be sure to specify your name on Zoom so the host will know who you are. A waiting room will be in use.

Monday News 12/13/2021

Good afternoon Town Residents,

Just wanted to remind everyone about the Select Board meeting being held via zoom on Wednesday December 15,2021 at 6:00pm. Please contact Samantha for the password.

Our hours and service models have remained the same - Monday and Wednesday 9:00 AM - 6:00PM, closed for lunch from 1:00-1:30, with walk-in hours from 2:00PM - 5:00PM, and by appointment only the other times that we're open. Please don't hesitate to call the town office if you have any questions.

Kind regards,


10/15/21 News: Trunk or Treat on Halloween, Sunday 10/31 at 6pm, outside the Town Office

The Somerville Day Committee is happy to announce our usual Trunk or Treat event will be held rain or shine, and will remain outdoors due to COVID-19.

Social distancing will be observed as much as possible.

If you'd like to decorate your vehicle trunk and provide food or candy, please bring items individually wrapped or bagged.

Monday News 8/16/21

Good Afternoon Town Residents,

In a last minute change, the Selectmen board moved last week's regularly scheduled Zoom town meeting to RSU 12. The board discussed the need for this change and approved a motion for a local state of emergency contingent on CDC Levels of Community Transmission. At the moment, Lincoln county is at a "Substantial" level of community transmission and should it be increased to "High," the Town of Somerville will return to Zoom meetings under a local state of emergency. Here is a link to the current CDC levels by county.

Chris went over the broadband grant process, the two specific grants we're in the running for, and why it's important to continue to pursue both options. We're excited that one of the options would give ownership to the municipality.

The Selectboard accepted Jesse Durfee's resignation and appointed me as the Town Clerk and Registrar of Voters. The board has graciously taken the role of General Assistance until a replacement Clerk can be hired. If you know of anyone seeking a stable and detailed position, please refer them to the town office for more information about becoming a Town Clerk.

Thirty Day Notices for 2020 unpaid taxes went out on 7/19, and the last day to pay before going to lien would be either today or Wednesday 8/18, or US postmarked on or before 8/19/2021. Payments received must be applied to the oldest taxes first. Therefore if there is a balance on a prior year, payment would take care of the oldest balance on account. Please contact the office if you have any questions regarding your balance.

We would like to thank everyone in advance for their continued patience over the past few months and going forward. We are doing our best to work through transitions, and greatly appreciate you working with us.

Don't forget about John Bergen's fireworks display on September 11th. Viewing is at 7:30 from the School Parking lot or Willard's Sand Pit.

Finally, Lincoln County News mis-advertised a Selectboard meeting for this Wednesday. Please note, we WILL NOT be having a Selectboard meeting this Wednesday, and our next regularly scheduled meeting will be for Wednesday, August 25th at 6:00PM.

Stay cool out there,

Town Treasurer

Monday News 8/9/21

Greetings town residents,

Last week saw the resignation of our new Town Clerk, Jesse Durfee. Jesse really enjoyed his time at the office but has been hired full time at his other job, the Island Institute. His last day will be August 18th.

This untimely news means that we once again find ourselves in need of a qualified and talented individual to help with the day-to-day of our town office. The Selectboard is committed to a quick hire but understands that the Maine job market is competitive. Please let the town office know of any individual that might be interested in this part time position. More information and an application to apply can be found on the town website.

John Bergen will be shooting off a fireworks display for Somerville Days on September 11th. He boasts a unique collection of fireworks that you aren't used to seeing. Come enjoy some socially distant entertainment from the comfort of your car. The display will start around 7:30 at Willard's Sandpit on Patricktown Rd. Cars can park in the sandpit or in the school parking lot.

A reminder that last weeks' Selectmen board meeting has been moved to this Wednesday, 8/11 at 6:00 PM. These meetings are being held by zoom (though the app or by phone) - please email the town clerk if you need login information.

The Town has responded to the CDC's new guidance from 7/27 on COVID and the Delta variant. In an abundance of caution, and out of respect for the safety and wellbeing of town staff, we have moved back to requiring masks in the office.

Our hours and service models have remained the same - Monday and Wednesday 9:00 AM - 6:00PM, closed for lunch from 1:00-1:30, with walk-in hours from 2:00PM - 5:00PM, and by appointment only the other times that we're open. Please don't hesitate to call the town office if you have any questions.


Town Treasurer

Wednesday News 8/4/21

Good morning Town Residents,

Due to a lack of public noticing, tonight’s Selectmen Board Meeting will be postponed until next Wednesday, August 11th, at 6:00PM via Zoom.

Please note that starting 8/16 Central Maine Power will begin pole setting for an estimated two weeks of distribution line inspections on the following roads: Jones Road, Route 105, Sand Hill Road, Crummett Mount., Palermo Road, and Camp Line. You will see three digger crews doing routine inspections of lines thru the first week of September. A full list of FAQs was sent to our listserv.

Please contact the town clerk at if you would like to be added to the listserv, to get a copy of FAQs about the project, or if you need login information for the upcoming Selectmen Meeting.

Kind regards,


Monday News 7/26/21

Good Afternoon,

Last Wednesday (7/21) the town had our regularly scheduled Selectmen meeting. Thank you to everyone who attended and a special thanks to those that offered public comment.

Some of the scheduled business was tabled for additional review and will be voted on by our selectmen at the next meeting; this includes the minutes for the 6/16 & 6/30 meetings. Of particular note from the meeting was the road commissioner's updates on road grading, which is now complete. Additionally, Jesse Durfee was approved to take the Town Clerk, Registrar of Voters and General Assistance oaths of office.

Please note that the upcoming schedule of Board of Selectmen meetings has been changed to accommodate schedules. The next three meetings will be August 4th, August 25th and September 15th.

As a friendly reminder, unpaid property taxes are due. Please call the town office at your earliest convenience if you have any questions about past due taxes.

Kind regards,


Monday News 7/19/21

Good Afternoon,

More rainfall over the weekend finally brought the downeast out of the statewide drought. While Somerville was decreased from "moderate drought," to "extremely dry" by the National Weather Service - we're almost there!

The Broadband committee met last Friday to further discussions surrounding broadband infrastructure improvements. The town is discussing multiple grant efforts to advance the speed and availability of high speed internet in our area.

The Selectboard is meeting this Wednesday, July 21st at 6:00PM, online, via Zoom. These meetings are open to the public and offer the opportunity for public comment. Please email for login information or to be added to our town email list.

This week we are sending out thirty day notices for unpaid taxes. Please keep a lookout in the mail, and make sure to resolve these unpaid taxes at your earliest convenience to avoid a lien, or contact the town office if you are having difficulity paying due to poverty or hardship.

Best regards,


Monday News 7/12/21

Good afternoon,

Tropical storm Elsa had rain falling at over 3" an hour and boy were we grateful to get the moisture. That's some serious accumulation!

The Town office remains open by appointment Monday and Wednesday. Please be aware that In light of the newly lifted COVID mandates, we are also open for walk-ins from 2:00-5:00.

In the special session on June 30th, the Select board hired a new Town clerk, Jesse Durfee. Jesse hails from Colorado, is an avid fly fisherman, and is a new Warren resident. The selectmen reiterated their appreciation to Erica Thompkins who has graciously stayed on to help train her replacement. Thank you for your patience as we transition and train staff.



Monday News 6/28/21 with a Special Selectmen's Meeting

Hi Folks,

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I also hope everyone is inside where it's cool today! Make sure if you are watering your gardens that you do it early in the morning or last thing in the evening so that the plants get the most out of it. Also make sure to water yourself! This heat and humidity is no joke!

A few things from the office:

We are not open Monday July 5th for the holiday and there will be very limited service Wednesday July 7th as we do not have the staffing to handle much. There are, however, online options for car registrations, ATV and Boat registrations, and hunting/fishing licenses.

The Board of Selectmen are having a special selectmen's meeting on Wednesday at 6:00PM. This meeting is for an executive session to hold a job interview.

In other news the Broadband Committee is meeting 7/2/21 at 6:00PM in the Town Office and via Zoom. ~Erica

Monday News 6/21/21

Good Afternoon Folks,

What a storm!! I hope everyone made it through all right! There were microbursts all over it seems. I was so grateful for the rain though, as was the garden! It looks like we might have another storm today, let's hope it isn't as cranky :)

Some office news for everyone, we will be closed Monday July 5th for the holiday and we will only be open for calls and booking appointments on Wednesday July 7th as we will not have the staffing to handle much that day. If I, Erica, am here that day I will be able to take things for IF&W (hunting, fishing, boats, ATVS), Vitals, dog tags, and trash bags. However, taxes and BMV will not be available.

We will also be postponing the Selectmen's meeting that week to possibly the next week or just holding one in July. We will let you folks know as we get closer.

June 25th the Broadband Committee will be meeting at 6:00pm here at the office and via zoom.

We just want to thank you all for your understanding as we work through training, shortages, and time off. We know things have been hard for everyone this past year and we really do appreciate each of you. We are continuing with appointments for a bit as the staffing challenge is still here. We are still looking for someone to take my place as Clerk and we do have someone learning the Tax Collector/BMV agent side of things. If you or anyone you might know would be a great fit for the office, please let us know! ~Erica

Wednesday News & Selectmen's Meeting

Hi Folks,

I hope you are all doing well! That rain sure made things pop right up overnight with more greenery and it's amazing. I am loving the late spring early summer flowers that are coming along, adding some wonderful colors to the mix!

Not much this week from the office or committees just humming along with end of fiscal year stuff. We do have a Selectmen's meeting tonight. It will be here at the Town Office at 6:00PM and also on zoom. We have limited seating but we will try to accommodate as many as we can.

Hope you all have a fabulous rest of the week!!


6/8/21 Elections Results

Hello Folks,

Below are the results of the 6/8/21 election

Referendum Questions: I am not including the few blanks/voids

Question 1: PASSED 94 YES 53 NO

Question 2: PASSED 108 YES 39 NO

Question 3: PASSED 104 YES 43 NO

Question 4: PASSED 106 YES 42 NO

Question 5: PASSED 109 YES 39 NO

Question 6: PASSED 96 YES 50 NO

Question 7: PASSED 105 YES 36 NO

Question 8: PASSED 80 YES 59 NO

Question 9: PASSED 78 YES 60 NO

Question 10: PASSED 109 YES 33 NO

Question 11: PASSED 93 YES 49 NO

Question 12: PASSED 96 YES 45 NO

Question 13: PASSED 116 YES 22 NO

Question 14: PASSED 114 YES 29 NO

Question 15: PASSED 109 YES 33 NO

Question 16: PASSED 122 YES 21 NO

Question 17: PASSED 78 YES 71 NO

Question 18: PASSED 92 YES 51 NO

Question 19: PASSED 92 YES 49 NO

Question 20: PASSED 105 YES 32 NO

Question 21: PASSED 79 YES 58 NO

Question 22: PASSED 124 YES 15 NO

RSU 12 Budget Questions:

Question 1: 81 YES to 66 NO with 2 Blanks

Question 2: 76 YES to 68 NO with 5 Blanks

Town Officials Elections:

First Selectmen

Christopher Johnson 87

Write Ins:

Willard Pierpont 55

Joe Biden 1

David Rafuse 1

Michael Cox 1

Blank/Void 3

RSU12 Board Member

Deborah Myers 129

Write Ins:

Frank Hample 2

Russell Gates 2

Blank/Void 17

Road Commissioner

Willard Pierpont 112

Write Ins:

Jesse Turner 4

Daryl Horak 3

Ralph Turner 2

Blank/Void 29

We had 153 voters in total!! Some did not do all the ballots, however what a great turn out! Congratulations to those who ran and got their respective seats! Oaths will need to be done before the first meetings in July for the new fiscal year. A huge THANK YOU to my poll works and counters! You were all AMAZING as always!! I truly appreciate all of you!! ~Erica

Roadside and Landfill Mowing Bids

The Town is accepting bids for roadside and landfill mowing/maintenance. The mowing only needs to be done once a year and we are accepting bids until June 7th 2021 . Please contact the clerk for bid packets.

Job Openings

The Town Office has the immediate job openings.

Job Opening: Town Clerk/Registrar of Voters/General Assistance Admin Town of Somerville. This is a permanent part-time position, working 20 hours/week with an opportunity of 21.5 hours/week. This position involves extensive contact with the public and requires the ability to communicate courteously, fairly, effectively and keep accurate records. Requires excellent administrative skills for Board of Selectmen schedule, correspondence, and meeting records. Municipal experience is preferred.

Job Opening: Tax Collector Town of Somerville. This is a permanent part-time position, working 20 hours/week with an opportunity of 21.5 hours / week. Primary responsibilities include vehicle registration, property and excise tax collection, and management of liens. This position involves extensive contact with the public and requires the ability to communicate courteously, fairly, and effectively. Must have prior experience with conducting financial transactions and money handling. Municipal experience is preferred.

Applicants must submit an application; a resume may be attached. The application form and job descriptions are available at at the bottom of the home page or call Somerville Town Office at 549-3828 for more information. Applications will be accepted for each position until filled.

The Town of Somerville is an equal opportunity employer.

Broadband Passes!!

It was a close one BUT the Broadband referendum question has passed with the votes as follows:

45 votes for NO

49 votes for YES

Keep an eye out for updates as things progress!

Special Town Meeting/Hearing

Hi Folks,

This Wednesday we have the Hearing via zoom and in-person at the Somerville Elementary School gym at 6PM for the Special Town Meeting to be held by Referendum on 4/20. Masks and distancing are required.

The gym will be closed during an Executive Session of the Board of Selectmen starting at 5:30PM, and will be opened for the hearing at 6 PM, with the remainder of the Board of Selectmen meeting continuing after the hearing. For Zoom or call in info, please contact the me.


Broadband Committee Meetings

Hi Folks,

The Broadband Committee will be meeting at 6:00PM via zoom each Friday in the month of April. If you'd like to join the meetings, just reach out and I can send you the zoom/phone links.


Special Town Meeting, Absentee Ballots Available, Voting Day

Somerville will be having a Special Town Meeting Hearing on April 7th, 2021 at 6:00PM with our regular Selectmen's meeting to follow. We have the absentee ballots avail now that pertain to this Special Town Meeting. We will have in person voting available as well on April 20th, 2021 from 3:00Pm to 7:00PM right at the Town Office.

Update to the Rental Relief Program

Hi Folks,

There's been a recent update to the Maine Rental Relief Program that may be of some help! Please see the link below.


Special Selectmen's Meeting & Broadband Committee Meeting

Hi Folks,

Just a quick note on a few meetings. Somerville's Select Board is having a Special Selectmen's Meeting 3/10/21 @ 5:45PM Via Zoom and at The RSU12 Gym. This is to accept a Budget Committee members resignation and to appoint a new member.

Also Somerville's Broadband Committee is Meeting 3/12/21 @ 6:00PM via Zoom.


Upcoming Meetings

Hi Folks,

Just wanted to let you all know about a few meetings we have coming up!

The Somerville Select Board is only meeting on March 17th, 2021 at 6:00PM via Zoom only, they will not be holding two meetings this month. Contact the clerk for more information.

The Somerville Broadband Committee is meeting March 6th, 2021 at 4:00PM and March 9th, 2021 at 6:00PM both meetings will be via Zoom only. Contact the clerk for more information.

The Somerville Budget Committee is meeting March 10th, 2021 at 6:00PM at the RSU 12 Gym and Zoom. Contact the clerk for more information.


Appeal Meeting 3/3/21

Hi Folks,

Just a quick note about an upcoming meeting for the Appeals Board. The board is meeting Wednesday March 3rd, 2021 at 6:00pm at the Somerville School Gym and via Zoom. Zoom details to follow.

~ Erica Tompkins

Nomination Papers

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to let you all know nomination papers are available for the following positions:

First Selectmen (3 year term)

Road Commissioner (1 year term)

RSU #12 Board Member (3year term)

We have papers in the office as well as by email. We are continuing with the email approach as COVID is still a concern. If you would like papers, please let me know.


Upcoming Town Business

Hi Folks,

I have a few important things I wanted to share with you all.

First there has been some updates on the rental relief program which we have in the office, secondly nomination papers will be available by 2/8/2021 for the following positions: Road Commissioner (1 Year Term) RSU 12 School Board Member (3 Year Term) and First Selectmen (3 Year Term). We also have a Select Board Meeting this week 2/3/2021 at 6:00PM via Zoom.

See you all there!!


Free Drive-Thru Farm Stand

Hi Folks,

We have another FREE drive-thru farm stand coming! Dates below.

Thursday Feb.4 from 3-5PM at the Wiscasset Community Center

Thursday Feb.11 from 3-5PM at the Waldoboro Town Office

Thursday Feb.18 from 3-5PM at the Sherman Lake Rest Stop in Newcastle

Thursday Feb.25 from 3-5PM at the Whitefield Calvary Baptist Church

Special Selectmen's Meeting 1/29/21

Hi Folks,

Just wanted to let you all know about the Special Selectmen's Meeting next week 1/29/21 for interviews for the Sexton position. This will be via Zoom only and I do not have the information just yet. Reach out next week if you'd like to join. These will be in executive session so those not involved with the interviews will be broken out into a different "room". If there is a decision made, that will be in the public "room" on zoom.

Have a fabulous weekend!!


Governor Mills New Order For Face Coverings

Hi Folks,

Below you will see the link for the most recent Executive Order from Governor Mills. This order brings a stricter enforcement on face coverings, I have the highlights below.

Be Well and Stay Safe!


Link to full order:


I. ORDERS A. Enforcement of face covering requirements in indoor public settings. Owners and operators of indoor public settings must require all persons to wear face coverings in publicly accessible areas.

B. Exceptions.

I. Face coverings are not required for a person:

a. under age 2;

b. who has trouble breathing or related medical conditions, or who is otherwise unable to put on or remove the mask without assistance; c. with a developmental issue that is complicated or irritated by a face covering.

2. Nothing in this Order should be interpreted as prohibiting a reasonable accommodation for those with a disability, but due to the direct threat to public health and safety, no such accommodation may make it permissible for any person to enter or remain in any indoor public setting without a face covering.

Town Happenings

Hi Folks,

I wanted to send out a few updates that are taking place here in town.

Due to Covid-19 and veterinarian availability, we will not be hosting a rabies clinic this year. As soon as things change in our community, I will reach out to everyone.

With the winter months being slower and wanting to limit the risk for possible exposure, we have decided to go to one Selectmen's Meeting a month unless otherwise necessary. The next meeting is December 16th, 2020 at 6:00PM via Zoom.

A few events coming up that I wanted to share with you all. The first is Enchanted Village Gift Drop-Off. Drop off your wrapped holiday gift donations at LeBarn in Jefferson Village on Saturday, December 5th, and Saturday, December 12th, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Gifts benefit Jefferson Area Food Pantry Gift ideas include games, puzzles, dolls, sleds, hats, gloves, coats and socks. There’s also a need for gifts for babies, toddlers and teens. and the second is the free food box drive-thru, which was amazing the last time it was done. Pass these along if you know of anyone who is in need or wanting to give back. The second is the free food box drive-thru, which was amazing the last time it was done. There is two locations this time, Tuesday, December 1st, 2020 from 11:00a.m.-4:00p.m. at the Wiscasset Community Center and Wednesday, December 9th, 2020 from 8:00a.m.-12:00p.m. at the Waldoboro Town Office. This is FREE to EVERYONE no matter location or income.

Pass these along if you know of anyone who is in need or wanting to give back.

Some other resources for those who may need some help during this trying time. There is a new rental relief program and HEAP assistance. Rent and Heat relief links: (includes LiHEAP and weatherization)

Stay Safe Everyone! ~Erica

Town Office Changes

Hi Folks,

We wanted to reach out to everyone as soon as possible with news of some changes to the Town Office operation due to the exponential growth in the COVID-19 cases in Maine. For each of the last three days Maine set a new record for new cases in 24 hours - 127, then 151, and 183. Lincoln County cases are growing by the day as well, and the three counties around us all have higher numbers of cases.

While still wanting to offer in person services, we are changing to only one person in the office at a time and we are going back to by appointment only.

As colder wintery weather begins, we are working on ideas to make outdoor service more practical, in case the sharp rise continues, hoping to avoid closing the office completely. We ask for your continued support and patience, and urge everyone to use the online services, the drop box, or mail to conduct business where possible. The town website has links under services to conduct certain business online.

Thank you all for being absolutely amazing!



Hi Folks,

Due to the recent spike in COVID-19 cases, we are changing up how we conduct our Selectmen's Meetings. Starting with tonight's meeting and until further notice, all public participation will be remote via Zoom and only when absolutely necessary will there be office staff and board members in person. We will continue to keep everyone updated on the situation as it develops.

Below is tonight's agenda.

We are in this together and we WILL get through this together!

Thank you all for being amazing!!


11/4/2020 Agenda

Upcoming Meetings For Somerville

Hi Folks,

Just letting you all know, we have a few meetings coming up with some more development for our great little town! Hope you all are doing great and we look forward to seeing you there!

The Town of Somerville will be holding a hearing for Tri-County Waste Referendum Questions on October 21st at the Somerville School Gym and via Zoom at 6PM. Masks and distancing are required.

Somerville Planning Board Hearing November 6th at the Somerville School Gym @6PM to have a final discussion for the subdivision on Turner Ridge. Masks and distancing are required.

The Town of Somerville will be holding a hearing for General Assistance Ordinance Appendices Adoption on November 18th, 2020 at the Somerville School Gym and via Zoom at 6PM. Masks and distancing are required. ~Erica

Dog Licenses

The new 2021 dog tags are ready! You can come in an get your dogs all licensed anytime we are in office.

All dog renewals must be completed by January 31, 2021. If you do not make it in by January 31st, there will be a $25.00 late fee per dog.

If you are licensing a wolf hybrid, service/search or rescue dog or obtaining a kennel license please contact the office.

Spayed and Neutered dogs are $6.00 each and Un-altered dogs are $11.00 each. You can also license your dog online at

Free Foods Boxes for ALL Lincoln County residents

Lincoln County is distributing FREE food boxes starting Monday, October 26th at 6 locations around the county.

These boxes contain 20+ pounds of produce, meat and dairy products.

This event is funded by the USDA and any person, regardless of income or residency is encouraged to join in.

The locations will be drive-through service and the boxes will be loaded into your vehicle for you.

Please spread the word to your family, friends, neighbors of this event.

We have A LOT of boxes coming and want to make sure they don’t go to waste!

Absentee Ballots

Per the Secretary of the States Office, we should have ballots to mail, or call for pick up, by the first full week of October. I will be in touch as I get more information or as soon as I get the ballots. ~Erica

*posted 9/21/2020