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Town Office Changes

Hi Folks,

We wanted to reach out to everyone as soon as possible with news of some changes to the Town Office operation due to the exponential growth in the COVID-19 cases in Maine. For each of the last three days Maine set a new record for new cases in 24 hours - 127, then 151, and 183. Lincoln County cases are growing by the day as well, and the three counties around us all have higher numbers of cases.

While still wanting to offer in person services, we are changing to only one person in the office at a time and we are going back to by appointment only.

As colder wintery weather begins, we are working on ideas to make outdoor service more practical, in case the sharp rise continues, hoping to avoid closing the office completely. We ask for your continued support and patience, and urge everyone to use the online services, the drop box, or mail to conduct business where possible. The town website has links under services to conduct certain business online.

Thank you all for being absolutely amazing!



Hi Folks,

Due to the recent spike in COVID-19 cases, we are changing up how we conduct our Selectmen's Meetings. Starting with tonight's meeting and until further notice, all public participation will be remote via Zoom and only when absolutely necessary will there be office staff and board members in person. We will continue to keep everyone updated on the situation as it develops.

Below is tonight's agenda.

We are in this together and we WILL get through this together!

Thank you all for being amazing!!


11/4/2020 Agenda

Upcoming Meetings For Somerville

Hi Folks,

Just letting you all know, we have a few meetings coming up with some more development for our great little town! Hope you all are doing great and we look forward to seeing you there!

The Town of Somerville will be holding a hearing for Tri-County Waste Referendum Questions on October 21st at the Somerville School Gym and via Zoom at 6PM. Masks and distancing are required.

Somerville Planning Board Hearing November 6th at the Somerville School Gym @6PM to have a final discussion for the subdivision on Turner Ridge. Masks and distancing are required.

The Town of Somerville will be holding a hearing for General Assistance Ordinance Appendices Adoption on November 18th, 2020 at the Somerville School Gym and via Zoom at 6PM. Masks and distancing are required. ~Erica

Dog Licenses

The new 2021 dog tags are ready! You can come in an get your dogs all licensed anytime we are in office.

All dog renewals must be completed by January 31, 2021. If you do not make it in by January 31st, there will be a $25.00 late fee per dog.

If you are licensing a wolf hybrid, service/search or rescue dog or obtaining a kennel license please contact the office.

Spayed and Neutered dogs are $6.00 each and Un-altered dogs are $11.00 each. You can also license your dog online at

Free Foods Boxes for ALL Lincoln County residents

Lincoln County is distributing FREE food boxes starting Monday, October 26th at 6 locations around the county.

These boxes contain 20+ pounds of produce, meat and dairy products.

This event is funded by the USDA and any person, regardless of income or residency is encouraged to join in.

The locations will be drive-through service and the boxes will be loaded into your vehicle for you.

Please spread the word to your family, friends, neighbors of this event.

We have A LOT of boxes coming and want to make sure they don’t go to waste!

Absentee Ballots

Per the Secretary of the States Office, we should have ballots to mail, or call for pick up, by the first full week of October. I will be in touch as I get more information or as soon as I get the ballots. ~Erica

*posted 9/21/2020